The Art of the seed packet

How to Plant Your Seeds

First you have to purchase the seeds. As I mentioned in The Garden Catalog, There’s Hope For Spring! don’t go over board when you buy seeds. Learn from my mistakes!

Decide what you plan to do with your Veggies. You might want to can or freeze some of them. You just might want some to eat.

Look at the seed packet, it will tell you how many seeds there are in the packet. Remember not all of them will grow. Say that it says it has 30 Seeds and 10% won’t grow, that will leave you 27 Plants. That would probably give you plenty to eat.

If you want to preserve some you may want to double that to two packets.

From a lowly seed, the new seedling reaches for the sky

The Miracle of the Seed.


From a tiny seed it emerges from the soil. The new seedling reaches for the sun’s warmth. Soon it add’s leaf after leaf. It’s not long before it outgrows its small container. IT IS TIME!  The small seedling makes the big move to the garden. The growth comes fast, it developes flowers. That’s its way of keeping life going and reproducing. Along come the Bees to pollinate the flower. The fruit starts and grows till its time for the harvest. All this from a tiny seed.

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The Beauty of the Garden

How and when to start your seeds indoors!

Starting seeds is different for everyone. We all live in different Climate zones in the United States.

I am giving away a planting guide, so just subscribe and I’ll send you one.

For now the best thing to do is to look at the back of a seed packet. There is a lot of info there, including when to plant that particular seed.


Info on back of Seed Packet

Now the fun begin

There are a few things you will need before you can start planting.

  1. A Planting Tray with Cover – Using a cover will give it a Greenhouse affect. Makes it warmer, keeps moisture in.
  2. Soilless Planting Medium – you will find a recipe to make your own soil at
  3. A spray bottle – use this to moisten the soil.  The spray is fine and will not disturb the seeds.
  4. A warming mat (this is optional) – The mat is under the planting tray, it warms the soil, helps seeds germinate faster.
  5. Plant Markers – mark the rows so you know what is planted there.

How to plant the seeds

First add the Soilless Potting Mix to the tray. Do not fill it to the top.

Now read the back of the Seed Packet, it will tell you how deep to plant your seeds. Just sprinkle the soil over the seeds. Press lightly.

Use your spray bottle to moisten the soil. Don’t soak the soil, use enough to make sure the seeds are wet.

Cover the Planting Tray with it’s clear cover. Set the tray in a warm spot. Make sure to keep the soil moist.

Once the plants start to emerge, move the tray to a warm sunny spot. The seedlings will need a lot of sun. If they don’t get 16 to 18 hours of sun, you will need a to hang a grow light.  You can remove the Tray Cover.

Make sure to keep the soil moist. Try not to soak the plant.

Check your plants daily!


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