Pickin' Flowers for Grandma

Learning in My Grandma’s Flower Garden!

As Children, many memories are created, some we hang onto for life!

I remember Gardening with My Mom, starting seeds, and planting the flowers in the flower beds.

My Dad showed us how to plant the Vegetables, every row had to be straight, He used a string on two posts.

And, My Grandma’s Flower Garden is where She taught me about Her Roses, something I’ll never forget.

I will be a Gardener for the rest of my life!

Mason Jar

Roses “n” Mason Jar

The Rose "Peace" Symbolizes Peace in the World

The Peace Rose has it’s own Special Story.

In 1935, The French Rose Breeder, Francis Meilland selected 50 seedlings, one he tagged 3-35-40. For 4 years he and his Father watched and developed it

With Hitler’s Attack on France, there was fear that the Nursery would be destroyed. So, 3 parcells of the Budwood 3-35-40 were smuggled out in a diplomatic bag to America.

The rose was planted in its own Bed and tested by other growers in other Climate Zones in America.

It did so well, they decided to release it in Pasadena California, On April 29th, 1945. The same day Berlin Fell and A Truce was Declared.

They issued A Statement That Read “We are persuaded that This Greatest New Rose of our time should be named for the world’s greatest desire: “PEACE”

The Rose has Won many Awards, and it sill with us today, and so is the Meilland line of Roses.

Red Rose

A Rose Is A Rose

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When I was a little Kid My Grandma used to come and get me, so I could stay with her for the weekend. Those were such fun days.

She was a good cook, I never knew what we were eating, probably something she shot when she went hunting or she caught when she went fishing. All I know was it really tasted good. Especially the Homemade Noodles!

Grandma had a lot of flower gardens. They were so Pretty. But, the Best Were The Roses. They were sooooo Big and they Smelled so good.

She said they were Peace Roses. I’ll never forgot that name, or smell.
She showed me how she cut them, and how she started started a new Rose, She did have a lot of Roses.

I regret that I never got one of the Roses. I always wished that I had. It would be so great to have a Huge Peace Rose of my own. Especially One that she had started with her own hands.

If you have Grandchildren, take the time to teach them Gardening. It will be a memory that they will never forget, and they’ll be Gardeners for Life!

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