Gardening is a Way of LIfe!


Gardening is a Way Of Life at The Down And Dirty Gardener Blog

What can you expect when you visit?

This Blog was created to help everyone. From the Beginner to The Old Hand, there is something for everyone. We will go over every subject you can imagine, and some you can’t imagine. We hope you will add your Two Cents worth to the mix of old and new. Cause a Bunch of Story Telling Gardeners is more Fun than A Pig In A Poke!  So don’t forget to join the crazy mix of Gardeners, and I guarantee you’ll Earn Your GREEN THUMB!

Make Life Easier

Garden Tools That Make Life Easier!

We will be talking about All Kinds of Tools. Tools for use in the Garden, Digging the Garden, Maintaining your Garden, Trees and Shrubs, Taking Care of Fruit Trees and Vines. How to preserve your Garden Goodies, Anything it takes to make your Gardening Life Easier and Fun!

Planting and Maintaining Your Garden

Everything from Starting Your Own Seeds – To Landscape Design – Garden and Landscape Maintenance – Learning About Plant Material – And Everything In Between – That’s What The Down And Dirty Gardener Is All About. So why don’t you come and Join the Fun and Learn Something To Boot!

Get The Dirt On Gardening!

Farmer Bill has his own opinions about Gardening. He say’s the old ways of Gardening are the best ways! So we will check out some of the tried and true methods of Gardening, that has worked for Years. Then we will check out some of the new ways that are guaranteed to make Gardening Life Easier. Just Don’t Tell Farmer Bill!

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