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Why Should You Be A Gardener?

People become Gardeners for many different reasons. Some for enjoyment, others as a hobby, a lot of us consider it stress therapy. When it comes time to sell our homes, we need to give our Homes Curb Appeal.

Give it some thought. It’s important to know what you are trying to accomplish? If you have quit a few projects and it all seems so overwhelming, what do you do? Make a Bucket List. Start with the most important project first. Don’t try to accomplish everything at once!

KEEP IT SIMPLE, HAVE FUN, you will eventually accomplish everything on your list!

After you complete your Bucket List, make sure you know how to do it yourself. If you don’t, take Courses, Ask a Gardener, or Landscaper. We can learn a lot, but no one can know how to do everything. Sometimes large projects are best left to the experts.



A Perennial Flower Garden

When I was a Kid, I remember learning how to Garden from my Family. My Dad taught us to plant a Vegetable Garden, My Mom Showed me how to start seeds, and to plant flowers in her flowers beds.  My Grandmother showed me how to take cuttings from a Rose to make a new plant.

I’ll always be grateful to them for teaching me the Joys of Gardening. Now I can put food on my table, create a beautiful landscape and get rid of everyday stress with gardening. All this from small beginnings!

So, if gardening, landscaping or just adding plants to a flower bed is something you’ve always wanted to do, YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!

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I’m so looking forward to meeting you all. That goes for Newbies and Old Hands, like me. If you have any questions or a comment you’d like to share, I’d love to hear from you.

See You Soon at THE DOWN AND DIRTY GARDENER,  “Where Gardening Is A Way Of Life”

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