9 Vital Tips For Small Space Gardening ~ Let Us Show You How!

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Raised Bed Has Room For Veggies, Herbs, Flowers, What Ever Your Heart Desires!

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Grow Small ~ Grow Smart!

Grow Small ~ Grow Smart!

Hey! Gladys Here.  So you think you don’t have enough space to Garden? Everyone has Space to Garden, Let Me Show You How!

~ 9 Vital Tips For Small Space Gardening ~

Hi My Dear’s, Gladys Here.  Now I promised You I’d show you how to Use “9 Vital Tips For Small Space Gardening”. We’ll help you create a Functional Garden in any Small Space. So, Here It Is!

How many of you took a look at all the Pretty Pictures I put up there at the top of the Page? (It’s beside the Pretty Picture Of Me, Gladys) Well, if you didn’t, you’d better go back and take a look! Make it quick, we have things to do!

By saying you have a Small Space, do you mean, you only have a Balcony to work with, or a very small yard? I’m sure you figured that I’d have a suggestion for both, You guys are So smart, you’re in luck, cause I do!

Before you get started, you will need to look at the Pictures up above to see what I am talking about. Also, you should take a look at Our Post: How and When To Start Your Seeds Indoors. It really makes the Garden feel more like Your Own. Just watching the Seeds Pop out of the ground is a Miracle. Watching the Plants Grow, and trying your first Bite of a Home Grown Tomato, is  UNDESCRIBABLE!


Join me in my Garden!

Welcome to my Garden!

~ Let’s start with a Balcony Garden. ~

On the Pictures Above, you’ll see different Ideas that will work for your Balcony or even a Porch.

A Hanging Planter:

 A balcony usually has a roof, and you will be able to hang long planters under the roof and over the Railing. They can be filled with all kind of Herbs or smaller Vegetable Plants. Remember, not to hang them too high, you want to make sure they get some sun. (Aren’t you glad you have Old Gladys Here looking out for you?) To make it easier for you to water, you can purchase a Watering Wand that will attach to your hose.  SEE Gladys thinks of everything! You can add a Miracle Grow attachment to add liquid fertilizer for the Plants. They will grow in no time!

Don’t Forget the Railing! 

The Railing is a perfect place to Garden. You can line the whole thing with planters for small Vegetable Plants, Flowers or even alternate both. Why not make it Pretty, just like Aunt Gladys! The Railing Planter is a perfect place to grow Herbs. That way you can run out and grab a few Fresh Herbs to through in the Pot.

Pretty and Functional to Boot.

Now isn’t that one of the prettiest things you ever saw? !! I think it is! Adding Pretty Planters to a Beautiful Wooden Grid, is a great Idea! It will not only give you a lot of space to plant, but it will give you Balcony Appeal. Just think how jealous the neighbors will be! You could go into business making and selling them if you are a DIY’er! (Another Great Idea From Gladys!)

Planter and Waterer in One! This is an Ingenious Idea why didn’t I think of that!

The whole thing is made of regular old House Gutters attached to the Wall. They have added a Drip Irrigation system, that makes it Supper Easy To Water. Don’t over water though, it’s not a large planting area and you don’t want to drown you plants.

Try to use plants that require similar water requirements. This can be an absolutely Beautiful Planter! Try adding small flowering annual plants,with some Vining plants here and there. There are so many to pick from. I would try to pick 3 or 5 different varieties with possibly a Chartreuse Sweet Potato Vine for added color.

The Free Pallet Hanging Planter. 

Why did I say FREE, Because you can find pallets at a lot of different Companies. A Lot of them give them away. BUT, DON’T FORGET TO ASK AND THANK THEM. (you never know when you’ll need more). As you can see The Pallet is attached to the wall, and each row gives you enough space to plant small Flowers or Vegetables or a combination of both. It would be a great place for Leaf Lettuce, radishes, Carrots, Parsley. Maybe Plants for Salad fixin’s. 

Tomatoes For The Pickin! 

Larger stand alone Pots make a great place for Larger Plants. When your shopping for a Pot, try to find the Light Weight ones.

You won’t need to fill the pot full of soil just add crushed Soda Cans to fill up some of the space. The cans will also allow water to drain when you water them.

If you are growing full-sized Tomato Plants, you can add a small trellis this will help to tie up the Tomato. That way it’s not laying on the floor, and it gets plenty of Sun Light.

I love to grow Cherry Tomatoes in Pots on my Porch, that way I can eat a Tomato whenever I feel like it! Another Variety that I love is the Grape Tomato. It’s a bit smaller, but it’s so Sweet, and Tastes like a Grape. Love It!

Just in time for Dinner!

Love Those Fresh Veggies

 ~ Now let’s talk about Small Back Yard Garden Space ~

Raised Bed’s have room for Veggies, Herbs, Flowers, what ever your heart desires.
There are so many advantages to using Raised Beds.
1. You don’t have to Till the Garden every year.
2. You can amend your soil every year without having to do the whole garden..
3. You can have a ledge on the side of the bed. It gives you a great space to sit while weeding.
4. You don’t have to bend down or get on your knees to pick the Vegetables.
This is just a few of the Good Things A Raised Bed Can Do For You !
5. Planter Pyramid ~ This planter gives you four sides of graduated planting space. There is room for a great variety of different plants.
.A small tilled vegetable garden can grow more than you think!
  1. After tilling make the rows closer than you would in a large garden.give yourself enough room to walk thru.

2.Stake-up all the tall plants.

3. Add black solid plastic in the walk-way, to keep out weeds.

4. Use grass clippings around the plants to keep moisture in. It also adds nutrients to the ground, and will eventually breaks down            and adds to your soil quality.

 You will be surprised at the amount of produce that the garden will produce
Remember.to keep it watered and Fertilized. My choice of fertilizer Miracle Gro can be found at www.miraclegro.com
 I hope you enjoy your Small Space Garden Dear’s.
There are so many Possibilities.
Just look around, you may surprise your self and discover space you never realized you had !

Your Friend, Gladys Here!


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Stop Winning, and Start Gardening!

Stop Winning, and Start Gardening!

Gladys Here!

It’s Time To Stop Winning And Start Gardening!

So  you want to start Gardening? You know Dear I garden all year long! Believe me there are things to be done. And I’m The One To Tell You What To Do, somebody has to, right?

I know Donna told you to get yourself a Seed Catalog. I know She even did all the work, and told you where to get one!  Did You Do It? Well I certainly hope so! If you didn’t your gonna hold up the works!

Let’s get started, I’m gonna give you a list, and I expect you to do it so we can move on to our Spring Planting. So, run and get yourself a Pencil and Paper, and make it snappy.

Gladys Here! I'm here to tell you the how to's of Gardening!
Seeds, Seeds Everywhere!

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A Pretty Little Vase Of Sweet Peas

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Force Spring Bulbs

Force Spring Bulbs

It usually take 8 – 15 weeks to force a Bulb. The Bulbs will need to be put in a Cold Place for 10 – 12 weeks The temperature should be between 35 – 45 degrees.

Some people use the refrigerator. Place the Bulbs in the Veggie Drawer. Keep them away from Fruit, especially Apples.

You can use an unheated Garage. The Cold trickes the Bulbs into thinking it’s winter.

Fill pots with Light Potting Mix. Do Not use soil from the Garden. Plant Bulbs, with the Pointy Tips sticking out of the Soil.

Keep the soil moist, Not Wet. Move Potted Bulbs into a warm room. When Flower Buds form, keep them out of direct sun to make the blooms last longer.

After they are done blooming, move the plants, in pot outside to be planted in the fall.


Spring Flower's What A Beautiful Sight!


No more Winter Blues for you! I’m gonna keep you real busy. Hope your ready to write. Let’s get started.

  • Now that you have your Seed Catalog, decide if you are planning a Veggie Garden, a Flower Garden, or Both. Don’t go crazy and buy out the store. You don’t want to end up with 300 Tomato Plants like you know who!
  • Make the plan for the Gardens. Lay it out on graph paper. Don’t forget to see how big these plants get.
  • Place your Seed Order.
  • Don’ t forget to go outside and feed the Birds. The’re out there waiting and counting on you.
  • When you come back in, go and check those neglected House Plants. You forgot about them, didn’t You. It wouldn’t hurt to Re-pot them. They just might enjoy a little fertilizer, and check under those leave for little Crawly Pest.
  • Next time your out shopping at one of Those Big Box Store, Buy a Hyacinth Bulb put it into a 4″ pot to force it to Bloom. (directions for that in my next Post). In the Spring Move the Plants outdoors for planting in the Fall.
  • Next when the Snow Finally Melts, make a trip outside and start Cleaning Up That Messy Yard! All those Sticks all over, it’s embarrassing!
  • While your out there, you might want to pull out some of those weeds. Its a lot easier to pull when the Ground is Soaking Wet. Don’t forget your Rubbers!
  • Now would be a good time to go get those Black Planting Trays to Start Your Seeds. You will need some soil- less mix to plant them in. I’ll tell you about that stuff in my next Post along with the Hyacinth Bulb. You know I’m going to be up all night Writing.
  • In the early Spring, you can cut back the Grasses to about 6 inches. This is best to do it before they send up new shoots.
  • Early Spring is a good time to Fertilize Trees and Shrubs.
  • After the last Frost, it will be safe to plant the Cold Tolerant Spring Veggie Seeds. (Carrots, Peas) They really like that Cool Air. As a Matter of Fact so do I! I get so hot sometimes I have to carry a rag with me. You might want to try that if your hot blooded like me.
  • Don’t forget to plant some of those Sweet Peas, they’ll return year after year.
  • I like to Prune my Roses in the Spring instead of the Fall. That way they are not open to the Weather.
  • You could even go shopping for outdoor Furniture if you need it. They really like to put it out early.
  • If you have Chickens, now’s a good time to spread Chicken Manure. That way it won’t be “Hot” when it comes to planting time. Chicken Manure is great for Roses.

Did I keep you busy? Don’t sit down and get comfortable yet, there’s lots of work left to do. So, I’ll see you next time. Don’t forget your paper and pencil!

See You Soon,   Gladys Here!

Old Fashioned Sweet Peas

Soil-less Mix for Starting Seeds


4-6 Part  Sphagnum Peat Moss

1 Part Perlite

1 Part  Vermiculite





Spring Flowers add A Smile To Your Face

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