How To Plan Your First Vegetable Garden~Keep It Simple ~ Have Fun!

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What should I do first now that I decide to plant a Vegetable Garden?

How to Plan Your First Vegetable Garden, will give you a lot to think about!  Before You put pen to paper to map out your Garden Plan here are some things you’ll need to consider:

  • What is My Purpose for having a Vegetable Garden?
  • How much time can I devote to Gardening?
  • What Style of Garden would be best for me.
  • Learn how to work with the Climate in your area.
  • Check your site to see what you have to work with!
These are not Questions to deter you from Gardening. They are Questions to help you enjoy Your Gardening experience to the fullest!



God Is Good!

Natures Bounty


Did you know that nearly half of the families in the United States have a Vegetable Garden?

So, why DO they have the urge to Garden? Only you can answer that.

~ Some of the most popular reasons is to have fresh vegetables to eat, to preserve your Veggies for later use, or to share with family. All of these are great reasons! 

~ Maybe you’d like to Save Money.1 Just to let you know, you will probably will spend more per/Squash the first year than you would if you bought it. But, just think how great it will taste!

~ You may want Vegetables that Taste Better. That is a BIG reason, and is one of the reasons I grow my own! When you grow your own, especially from seeds, you know what went into that Plant. No Chemical Pesticides or Fertilizers, only Natural Products. It does make you feel good to know what your are feeding your family.

~ Did you know that Vegetables grown and ripened on the vine have more Nutrients?

Just think about what Store Bought Vegetables go through before they reach your table!

~ They were probably Picked in another state, they may not have been fully ripe. Shipped on a Truck or Train, kept in storage while stores bid on them, and then were displayed in you local Grocery Store, all the while Loosing what little  flavor they had!

~ Most of the Vegetables Varities are chosen by Growers, because they grow faster, grow bigger are bread to withstand shipping, and look good when you get them.

I’d like to tell you why I Garden

I can’t wait to get out there in the Spring, to feel the sun on my face. to smell the soil when I till the garden, to start my own seeds, to set them out in the spot I prepared for them. I LOVE To go out in the morning with my cup of Coffee and check all my little plants to see how they are doing. Best of All, I love to pick a Cherry Tomato and eat it right off the vine.

But, one of the Biggest Reasons, is that Gardening is a Stress Buster, no phones (leave yours in the house when you go out) no rush, no one to answer to.

I also feel in Touch With God, he did give us the First Garden you know, it was called Eden. Nothing can be Better Than That!

If this sounds like you, then read on. It will be a lot of work, but the rewards and the taste, will out weigh any work that you put into it.


Garden Time                                                                                   

How Much Time Do You Have For Gardening?

Well you’ve made the decision. Your a Gardener Now! I am so glad, Welcome the the Veggie Gardening Club. 

~ Just to let you know you are pretty much on your own. What I mean is, You decided to garden, your family didn’t have the same Revelation that you did. Don’t worry though, when they see how being in the Garden makes you feel ( Relaxed and Stress Free) they just might want to join you. If that don’t work, just give them a taste of those Vine Rippened Tomatoes that you grew with your own hands. (Just give them one now, you don’t want to spoil them) they may help so they can eat more!

One last thing, flaunt your new Figure, you will certainly lose weight and be toned form working in your garden, and just look at the Farmers Tan you have, no tanning bed for you. That’s just some of the extra benefits of Gardening !

~  All joking aside, you will need to decide how much time you will be able to devote to your garden. Like I said you can’t count on help, so it’s up to you.

Gardening is work, I won’t lie about that, but it is some of the best work you’ll ever do.

~ If you don’t have a lot of time, you can always plant vegetables in a large flower pot. You may like the idea of a couple of Raised Beds, or start with a small Traditional Garden.

Just get you Your Hands Dirty, the Gardening Bug Will Take Over, it may even infect your whole family. 



                                                                      Look What I Did!            

     Look What A Little Work Will Do!

Style of Garden

Gardening Style depends mostly on Space, Purpose and Health.

You’ll have to decide if you have the room for a Traditional Garden, if you want Rows or planting blocks if you want mulch or no mulch between rows for weed control.  Make sure you have the time to take care of it. Don’t go too big and stress yourself out. You are out here to relax!

Ease of Use – Raised Beds may be the way to go if you have any Health Problems. With a Raised Bed you won’t have to bend down or get on your knees to weed or pick your Veggies.

Many factors contribute to giving you the Garden that is Best For You.

The Best thing to do would be to make a list of your main priorities. Purpose, land size and if you can take care of a large Garden or need to make it easier to care for because of Health Factors.

There is a way for everyone to have some sort of Garden, even if it’s a Container Garden. Think about what will be the best for you. Please read:…-us-show-you-how/


Make sure to check the Climate Zone Map for the first and last frost for your area !




The USDA, (United States Department of Agriculture) developed maps to assist people in finding the first and last estimated Frosts of the seasons. This is a very important guide. Make sure you check it BEFORE you set your plants  outside!

One Last Thing! Observe Your Garden Site

  • Check for ample Sun Light – Most Vegetable Plants require a full about 8 hours of sunlight per day for growth. You can observe the length of sunlight per day and chart it. Make sure the plants are getting direct Sunlight and not shaded by a tree.
  • Water – Vegetable Plants require enough water to keep them moist, but not over wet or they will rot. If rainwater is not enough, you may need to add a drip hose that will slowly supply water to the base of the plant.
  • What type of Soil do you have? – There are Three Basic Soil Types: Clay, Loamy or Sandy Soil. Finding out what you have to work with will make the difference between Garden Success or Failure.

These are some of the most important things that you can do to insure a Successful Vegetable Garden. 



I will be writing on Types of Soil and how to amend them in my next Post.


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Your Friend and Fellow Gardener, Donna 

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9 Vital Tips For Small Space Gardening ~ Let Us Show You How!

Planters On Rails

Hanging Goodies

Raised Bed Has Room For Veggies, Herbs, Flowers, What Ever Your Heart Desires!

Pretty and Functional To Boot!

Planter And Water'er In One!

Planter Piramid

Free Pallet Wall Planter

Pre-made Raised Beds

Wooden Raised Beds With Seats

Tomatoes For The Picken!

Grow Small ~ Grow Smart!

Grow Small ~ Grow Smart!

Hey! Gladys Here.  So you think you don’t have enough space to Garden? Everyone has Space to Garden, Let Me Show You How!

~ 9 Vital Tips For Small Space Gardening ~

Hi My Dear’s, Gladys Here.  Now I promised You I’d show you how to Use “9 Vital Tips For Small Space Gardening”. We’ll help you create a Functional Garden in any Small Space. So, Here It Is!

How many of you took a look at all the Pretty Pictures I put up there at the top of the Page? (It’s beside the Pretty Picture Of Me, Gladys) Well, if you didn’t, you’d better go back and take a look! Make it quick, we have things to do!

By saying you have a Small Space, do you mean, you only have a Balcony to work with, or a very small yard? I’m sure you figured that I’d have a suggestion for both, You guys are So smart, you’re in luck, cause I do!

Before you get started, you will need to look at the Pictures up above to see what I am talking about. Also, you should take a look at Our Post: How and When To Start Your Seeds Indoors. It really makes the Garden feel more like Your Own. Just watching the Seeds Pop out of the ground is a Miracle. Watching the Plants Grow, and trying your first Bite of a Home Grown Tomato, is  UNDESCRIBABLE!


Join me in my Garden!

Welcome to my Garden!

~ Let’s start with a Balcony Garden. ~

On the Pictures Above, you’ll see different Ideas that will work for your Balcony or even a Porch.

A Hanging Planter:

 A balcony usually has a roof, and you will be able to hang long planters under the roof and over the Railing. They can be filled with all kind of Herbs or smaller Vegetable Plants. Remember, not to hang them too high, you want to make sure they get some sun. (Aren’t you glad you have Old Gladys Here looking out for you?) To make it easier for you to water, you can purchase a Watering Wand that will attach to your hose.  SEE Gladys thinks of everything! You can add a Miracle Grow attachment to add liquid fertilizer for the Plants. They will grow in no time!

Don’t Forget the Railing! 

The Railing is a perfect place to Garden. You can line the whole thing with planters for small Vegetable Plants, Flowers or even alternate both. Why not make it Pretty, just like Aunt Gladys! The Railing Planter is a perfect place to grow Herbs. That way you can run out and grab a few Fresh Herbs to through in the Pot.

Pretty and Functional to Boot.

Now isn’t that one of the prettiest things you ever saw? !! I think it is! Adding Pretty Planters to a Beautiful Wooden Grid, is a great Idea! It will not only give you a lot of space to plant, but it will give you Balcony Appeal. Just think how jealous the neighbors will be! You could go into business making and selling them if you are a DIY’er! (Another Great Idea From Gladys!)

Planter and Waterer in One! This is an Ingenious Idea why didn’t I think of that!

The whole thing is made of regular old House Gutters attached to the Wall. They have added a Drip Irrigation system, that makes it Supper Easy To Water. Don’t over water though, it’s not a large planting area and you don’t want to drown you plants.

Try to use plants that require similar water requirements. This can be an absolutely Beautiful Planter! Try adding small flowering annual plants,with some Vining plants here and there. There are so many to pick from. I would try to pick 3 or 5 different varieties with possibly a Chartreuse Sweet Potato Vine for added color.

The Free Pallet Hanging Planter. 

Why did I say FREE, Because you can find pallets at a lot of different Companies. A Lot of them give them away. BUT, DON’T FORGET TO ASK AND THANK THEM. (you never know when you’ll need more). As you can see The Pallet is attached to the wall, and each row gives you enough space to plant small Flowers or Vegetables or a combination of both. It would be a great place for Leaf Lettuce, radishes, Carrots, Parsley. Maybe Plants for Salad fixin’s. 

Tomatoes For The Pickin! 

Larger stand alone Pots make a great place for Larger Plants. When your shopping for a Pot, try to find the Light Weight ones.

You won’t need to fill the pot full of soil just add crushed Soda Cans to fill up some of the space. The cans will also allow water to drain when you water them.

If you are growing full-sized Tomato Plants, you can add a small trellis this will help to tie up the Tomato. That way it’s not laying on the floor, and it gets plenty of Sun Light.

I love to grow Cherry Tomatoes in Pots on my Porch, that way I can eat a Tomato whenever I feel like it! Another Variety that I love is the Grape Tomato. It’s a bit smaller, but it’s so Sweet, and Tastes like a Grape. Love It!

Just in time for Dinner!

Love Those Fresh Veggies

 ~ Now let’s talk about Small Back Yard Garden Space ~

Raised Bed’s have room for Veggies, Herbs, Flowers, what ever your heart desires.
There are so many advantages to using Raised Beds.
1. You don’t have to Till the Garden every year.
2. You can amend your soil every year without having to do the whole garden..
3. You can have a ledge on the side of the bed. It gives you a great space to sit while weeding.
4. You don’t have to bend down or get on your knees to pick the Vegetables.
This is just a few of the Good Things A Raised Bed Can Do For You !
5. Planter Pyramid ~ This planter gives you four sides of graduated planting space. There is room for a great variety of different plants.
.A small tilled vegetable garden can grow more than you think!
  1. After tilling make the rows closer than you would in a large garden.give yourself enough room to walk thru.

2.Stake-up all the tall plants.

3. Add black solid plastic in the walk-way, to keep out weeds.

4. Use grass clippings around the plants to keep moisture in. It also adds nutrients to the ground, and will eventually breaks down            and adds to your soil quality.

 You will be surprised at the amount of produce that the garden will produce keep it watered and Fertilized. My choice of fertilizer Miracle Gro can be found at
 I hope you enjoy your Small Space Garden Dear’s.
There are so many Possibilities.
Just look around, you may surprise your self and discover space you never realized you had !

Your Friend, Gladys Here!


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