A Farmers Life, According to Farmer Bill

Poor Ole Henpecked Bill, Gladys' Husband!

A Farmer’s Life, according to Bill
Hey, I’m Bill, a man of a Few Words! Mainly cause I don’t get-ta say much at home! My Wife, Gladys, (maybe you’ve met her!) OR (maybe you don’t want to), is always right, or so she says!

They tell me I can say what ever I want-ta in my column, The Gardening Zone. You know, Maybe I do have somethin to say! So look for me Henpecked Bill, I might just Talk Your Ear Off!

Wah~Hoo!    I’m FREE!!!!!

The Farmer’s Prayer

Farmer’s have a lot to be Thankful for. We have the Farmer and God to Be Thankful For!

Thanking The Lord

       Thank The Lord!


The Joy of being a Farmer


Farming is a Joy. It’s what gets me up in the morning. There are so many Facets to being a Farmer. We raise Cows, Chickens, we Garden and grow our own food.


So, what are you going to find when you stop in to set a while? We will start with the Joy’s of Gardening. Eventually we’ll get into the Joys of raising Chickens and Cows. There is an endless supply of subjects, so if we miss something that interests you Contact Us.


I want to show you how growing your own food will give you a sense of accomplishment, and your food will even taste better.


There are so many things that make your life better by Gardening and Farming. So make sure to join us and take some of the Daily Stress Out Of Your Life, By Gardening.    

Hey, have you Hugged A Cow Lately?

An Amazing Sun Set!

Our Little Country Home

Another Late Night, Morning come quickly!

Mail Pouch, Treat Yourself To The Best!

Hay Bails At Sunset

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