HOW And WHEN To Start Your Seeds Indoors

The Art of the seed packet

How to Plant Your Seeds

First you have to purchase the seeds. As I mentioned in The Garden Catalog, There’s Hope For Spring! don’t go over board when you buy seeds. Learn from my mistakes!

Decide what you plan to do with your Veggies. You might want to can or freeze some of them. You just might want some to eat.

Look at the seed packet, it will tell you how many seeds there are in the packet. Remember not all of them will grow. Say that it says it has 30 Seeds and 10% won’t grow, that will leave you 27 Plants. That would probably give you plenty to eat.

If you want to preserve some you may want to double that to two packets.

From a lowly seed, the new seedling reaches for the sky

The Miracle of the Seed.


From a tiny seed it emerges from the soil. The new seedling reaches for the sun’s warmth. Soon it add’s leaf after leaf. It’s not long before it outgrows its small container. IT IS TIME!  The small seedling makes the big move to the garden. The growth comes fast, it developes flowers. That’s its way of keeping life going and reproducing. Along come the Bees to pollinate the flower. The fruit starts and grows till its time for the harvest. All this from a tiny seed.

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The Beauty of the Garden

How and when to start your seeds indoors!

Starting seeds is different for everyone. We all live in different Climate zones in the United States.

I am giving away a planting guide, so just subscribe and I’ll send you one.

For now the best thing to do is to look at the back of a seed packet. There is a lot of info there, including when to plant that particular seed.


Info on back of Seed Packet

Now the fun begin

There are a few things you will need before you can start planting.

  1. A Planting Tray with Cover – Using a cover will give it a Greenhouse affect. Makes it warmer, keeps moisture in.
  2. Soilless Planting Medium – you will find a recipe to make your own soil at
  3. A spray bottle – use this to moisten the soil.  The spray is fine and will not disturb the seeds.
  4. A warming mat (this is optional) – The mat is under the planting tray, it warms the soil, helps seeds germinate faster.
  5. Plant Markers – mark the rows so you know what is planted there.

How to plant the seeds

First add the Soilless Potting Mix to the tray. Do not fill it to the top.

Now read the back of the Seed Packet, it will tell you how deep to plant your seeds. Just sprinkle the soil over the seeds. Press lightly.

Use your spray bottle to moisten the soil. Don’t soak the soil, use enough to make sure the seeds are wet.

Cover the Planting Tray with it’s clear cover. Set the tray in a warm spot. Make sure to keep the soil moist.

Once the plants start to emerge, move the tray to a warm sunny spot. The seedlings will need a lot of sun. If they don’t get 16 to 18 hours of sun, you will need a to hang a grow light.  You can remove the Tray Cover.

Make sure to keep the soil moist. Try not to soak the plant.

Check your plants daily!


Stop Winning, and Start Gardening!

Stop Winning, and Start Gardening!

Gladys Here!

It’s Time To Stop Winning And Start Gardening!

So  you want to start Gardening? You know Dear I garden all year long! Believe me there are things to be done. And I’m The One To Tell You What To Do, somebody has to, right?

I know Donna told you to get yourself a Seed Catalog. I know She even did all the work, and told you where to get one!  Did You Do It? Well I certainly hope so! If you didn’t your gonna hold up the works!

Let’s get started, I’m gonna give you a list, and I expect you to do it so we can move on to our Spring Planting. So, run and get yourself a Pencil and Paper, and make it snappy.

Gladys Here! I'm here to tell you the how to's of Gardening!
Seeds, Seeds Everywhere!

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A Pretty Little Vase Of Sweet Peas

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Force Spring Bulbs

Force Spring Bulbs

It usually take 8 – 15 weeks to force a Bulb. The Bulbs will need to be put in a Cold Place for 10 – 12 weeks The temperature should be between 35 – 45 degrees.

Some people use the refrigerator. Place the Bulbs in the Veggie Drawer. Keep them away from Fruit, especially Apples.

You can use an unheated Garage. The Cold trickes the Bulbs into thinking it’s winter.

Fill pots with Light Potting Mix. Do Not use soil from the Garden. Plant Bulbs, with the Pointy Tips sticking out of the Soil.

Keep the soil moist, Not Wet. Move Potted Bulbs into a warm room. When Flower Buds form, keep them out of direct sun to make the blooms last longer.

After they are done blooming, move the plants, in pot outside to be planted in the fall.


Spring Flower's What A Beautiful Sight!


No more Winter Blues for you! I’m gonna keep you real busy. Hope your ready to write. Let’s get started.

  • Now that you have your Seed Catalog, decide if you are planning a Veggie Garden, a Flower Garden, or Both. Don’t go crazy and buy out the store. You don’t want to end up with 300 Tomato Plants like you know who!
  • Make the plan for the Gardens. Lay it out on graph paper. Don’t forget to see how big these plants get.
  • Place your Seed Order.
  • Don’ t forget to go outside and feed the Birds. The’re out there waiting and counting on you.
  • When you come back in, go and check those neglected House Plants. You forgot about them, didn’t You. It wouldn’t hurt to Re-pot them. They just might enjoy a little fertilizer, and check under those leave for little Crawly Pest.
  • Next time your out shopping at one of Those Big Box Store, Buy a Hyacinth Bulb put it into a 4″ pot to force it to Bloom. (directions for that in my next Post). In the Spring Move the Plants outdoors for planting in the Fall.
  • Next when the Snow Finally Melts, make a trip outside and start Cleaning Up That Messy Yard! All those Sticks all over, it’s embarrassing!
  • While your out there, you might want to pull out some of those weeds. Its a lot easier to pull when the Ground is Soaking Wet. Don’t forget your Rubbers!
  • Now would be a good time to go get those Black Planting Trays to Start Your Seeds. You will need some soil- less mix to plant them in. I’ll tell you about that stuff in my next Post along with the Hyacinth Bulb. You know I’m going to be up all night Writing.
  • In the early Spring, you can cut back the Grasses to about 6 inches. This is best to do it before they send up new shoots.
  • Early Spring is a good time to Fertilize Trees and Shrubs.
  • After the last Frost, it will be safe to plant the Cold Tolerant Spring Veggie Seeds. (Carrots, Peas) They really like that Cool Air. As a Matter of Fact so do I! I get so hot sometimes I have to carry a rag with me. You might want to try that if your hot blooded like me.
  • Don’t forget to plant some of those Sweet Peas, they’ll return year after year.
  • I like to Prune my Roses in the Spring instead of the Fall. That way they are not open to the Weather.
  • You could even go shopping for outdoor Furniture if you need it. They really like to put it out early.
  • If you have Chickens, now’s a good time to spread Chicken Manure. That way it won’t be “Hot” when it comes to planting time. Chicken Manure is great for Roses.

Did I keep you busy? Don’t sit down and get comfortable yet, there’s lots of work left to do. So, I’ll see you next time. Don’t forget your paper and pencil!

See You Soon,   Gladys Here!

Old Fashioned Sweet Peas

Soil-less Mix for Starting Seeds


4-6 Part  Sphagnum Peat Moss

1 Part Perlite

1 Part  Vermiculite





Spring Flowers add A Smile To Your Face

God Created Heaven and Earth

James 4:10   Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.

“You are never so high as when you are on your knees.”

The important thing is not your position of prayer, but the fact that you do pray!

Thank and Praise the Lord Daily.


God Created The Farmer




Abraham Lincoln Created the U.S. Department Of Agriculture in 1862. At that time 90 out of 100 people were Farmers – Now it’s 2 out of 100. The motto is:  “Agriculture is the Foundation of Manufacture And Commerce”

Farm Days are LONG! There is no 9 to 5 Here! They get up with the Chickens, if not sooner. So next time you think how you hate to be at work at 9:00 a.m. think about the Farmer who is up at 4:00 a.m. to start at 5:00 a.m.  He has put in HALF of your Day by the time you get out of Bed!

Farming requires a lot of Education. Formal Education and Work Experience, Keeping up with new regulations by the Government, finding out what is new on the Market or just talking with other Farmers to find out what’s working for them. This is what it takes to succeed at Farming!

Farming is EXPENSIVE!  Just think about it some of the Farm Equipment cost more than you House! Plus the cost of Feeding the Animals, Keeping their stalls clean, Upkeep of the Equipment, Buying New Equipment,Buying the seeds to plant, Paying the help and Keeping the Animals Healthy, Paper work, Taxes, all this costs a great deal of money!

So next time you complain about working on Saturday, just remember the Farmer works all Weekend and I mean every weekend. The Animals don’t quit eating so the Farmer can take the Weekend off to Go Fishing!

Did you ever stop to think where All of Your Food Comes From? It’s the Farmer.

So I’d Say, Don’t Forget To Thank God and The Farmer Daily For All The Things They Do For You!



13 Interesting Facts About Farming!

  1. Texas has the most farm acreage of any U.S. State. They not only have Big Hats – They have Big Farms
  2. The average size of U.S. Family farm is around 400 to 450 Acres.
  3. Cattle are the largest segment of U.S.Agriculture and Dairy is Second.
  4. 90% of Farmers would like their children to be Farmers too.
  5. Only 2 out of 100 American’s work on Farms.
  6. More than 6000 different kinds of Apples are grown around the World. The Biggest producer is China followed by the U.S.
  7. Tractors were invented in the 1880’s to pull plows through fields.
  8. Livestock Farming feeds billions of people. 1 in 5 people are Farmers.
  9. Most Livestock is raised on Large Factory Farms called: Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations or CAFO’s,
  10. Raising Beef Cattle is the Single Largest Segment Of American Agriculture.
  11. One of three acres are harvested for Export!
  12. The Average Cow produces 7 Gal. of Milk/Day, 2100 Lbs. of Mild A Month, 46,000 Glasses of Milk/Yr. and There are 350 Squirts of Milk in a Gallon!
  13. Pigs are thought to be the 4th most intelligent animal after Chimps, Dolphins, and Elephants. They can run 11 Miles/Hr., which is faster than the 6 Minute Mile!


Farm Boys How Long You Been Farmin?

So never forget the work that goes into Supplying The World with food and other products that comes from the Farm! Just think how much work it would be for you to supply your own!


A Farmers Work Is Never Done!

The Cows Are Content In The Pasture

Surveying His Fields

The Dinner Bell Calls

Sunset and His Bed Calls His Name, Morning Comes Quickly, He'll Rest Another Day...

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Me and Grandma’s Flower Garden

Pickin' Flowers for Grandma

Learning in My Grandma’s Flower Garden!

As Children, many memories are created, some we hang onto for life!

I remember Gardening with My Mom, starting seeds, and planting the flowers in the flower beds.

My Dad showed us how to plant the Vegetables, every row had to be straight, He used a string on two posts.

And, My Grandma’s Flower Garden is where She taught me about Her Roses, something I’ll never forget.

I will be a Gardener for the rest of my life!

Mason Jar

Roses “n” Mason Jar

The Rose "Peace" Symbolizes Peace in the World

The Peace Rose has it’s own Special Story.

In 1935, The French Rose Breeder, Francis Meilland selected 50 seedlings, one he tagged 3-35-40. For 4 years he and his Father watched and developed it

With Hitler’s Attack on France, there was fear that the Nursery would be destroyed. So, 3 parcells of the Budwood 3-35-40 were smuggled out in a diplomatic bag to America.

The rose was planted in its own Bed and tested by other growers in other Climate Zones in America.

It did so well, they decided to release it in Pasadena California, On April 29th, 1945. The same day Berlin Fell and A Truce was Declared.

They issued A Statement That Read “We are persuaded that This Greatest New Rose of our time should be named for the world’s greatest desire: “PEACE”

The Rose has Won many Awards, and it sill with us today, and so is the Meilland line of Roses.

Red Rose

A Rose Is A Rose

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When I was a little Kid My Grandma used to come and get me, so I could stay with her for the weekend. Those were such fun days.

She was a good cook, I never knew what we were eating, probably something she shot when she went hunting or she caught when she went fishing. All I know was it really tasted good. Especially the Homemade Noodles!

Grandma had a lot of flower gardens. They were so Pretty. But, the Best Were The Roses. They were sooooo Big and they Smelled so good.

She said they were Peace Roses. I’ll never forgot that name, or smell.
She showed me how she cut them, and how she started started a new Rose, She did have a lot of Roses.

I regret that I never got one of the Roses. I always wished that I had. It would be so great to have a Huge Peace Rose of my own. Especially One that she had started with her own hands.

If you have Grandchildren, take the time to teach them Gardening. It will be a memory that they will never forget, and they’ll be Gardeners for Life!

Create a Memory Today!

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Nature's Drop Dead Blue!

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Raised Beds! What a Wonderful Way To Garden!

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Hi I’m Donna the Country Girl who LOVE’S GARDENING and GETTING MY HANDS DIRTY! I have always loved Gardening.

As Kids, we were always expected to work in the Garden. My Parent’s taught me how and what to plant in the Vegetable and Flower Garden.

Later, I worked at twoDifferent Nurseries, first as the Outside Plant Manager, and the other I was the Landscape Designer.

I was fortunate enought to attend Penn State’s Master Gardener Program, and afterword started and ran My Own Landscape/Design and Maintenance Business.

So, I’d guess you’d say Gardening is in My Blood.

This Blog The Down And Dirty Gardener was started as a way for me to share the things that I’ve learned along the way and things that didn’t work so well! You will find articles for Beginners and Experts Alike.

There is always something new to learn. And if your like me, it’s always more fun if you have a bunch of avid Gardener’s telling their stories.

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I look foward to seeing and hearing from you soon!


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