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Hi Guys, well here it is Feb. 6th, I’m so excited, just got my Gardening Catalog, and its time to get Gardening!

I Bet your thinking How the Heck am I going to do any Gardening, it’s freezing out there!

Don’t go getting yourself in and Uproar Now!  I just noticed I’m beginning to sound more and more like Gladys! She’s rubbing off! (You’ll meet her later)!

Let’s start over, there is something you can be doing. You can start out by getting yourself a Garden Catalog. This will help you see whats out there even though it freezing! Study the Seeds and Plants, that will help you to plan out your garden.

One suggestion, Don’t go overboard buying seeds, you won’t need to many Seed Packets. How do you know this you ask?

I’m embarassed  to tell you this! I bought 3 Pkg. of one type of Tomato Seeds and a Couple of other type of Tomatoes. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PLANTS THAT MAKES? I ENDED UP WITH ABOUT 300 PLANTS! So don’t do what I do, but do what I say.

Back to the Catalogs – You can find my favorites by going over to:

  • http://www.springhillnursery.com  Catalog request or shop on line
  • www.waysidegardens.com request Catalog or shop on line.
  • www.burpee.com  Seed and Plant Catalog Request


You Can Find Us First In The Seed Catalog, "Seeds now, Supper Later!"

This is my own Testimonial, I have never enjoyed anything more than Gardening. I have been fortunate enough to have Started and Planted My own Plants for many years.

I have Designed many different Landscape Designs. When the instalation of the plants was finished, I was able to see what my Design acctually  looked like!

Gardening is a relaxing hobby, it removes stress, it supplies food, and flowers for your home.  Gardening Helps to keep you in shape, and the finished product is something that you can be proud of.

Go Ahead And Try It,  You’ll Like It!

Donna Harvey

Owner and Author of The Down And Dirty Gardener

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Summers Light Snack!

I’ll be shareing some great recepes for your Beautiful Tomatoes and other Veggies in other Posts.

So if you have a favorite please Share in the Comments. I’ll make sure to get it out in a Post later, that is if I have your Permision. Thanks Donna

Little Red Cherry Tomatoes, Ripe For the Picking!

Nothing Beats a Red Ripe Tomato that’s Still on the Vine. Remember to take your salt with you when you go out to check on them, if your like me, you’ll have to eat some!

Checking your plants will become a Morning ritual. Take some Coffee with you, it may take a while.

Its still so amazing to watch all the little seedlings that you started, grow into Fruit Bearing Plants.    Enjoy!

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